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Golf Cart Rims - 10"
Golf cart rims in steel painted with a special powder coating that last longer and is more chip resistant then normal painted rims.  These steel powder coated golf cart rims have a standard golf cart bolt hole pattern & fit Club Car, Ez Go , Yamaha golf carts.
Steel Golf Cart Rims In 10x8 & 10x7
Steel Golf Cart Wheel 10x7 Golf Cart Wheels With Powder Coated Finish
Your choice of white or flat black with 3+4 offset.
10x7 steel golf cart wheels - 4 for $115.99
Steel Golf Cart Wheels Styled in Black, White and Silver Golf Cart Rims - 10x7 Offset Steel Powder Coated Flat Black, Silver or White Golf cart wheels, 10x7  -1 offset.   4 golf cart wheels -- $128.99 
Steel Golf Cart Wheels Styled in Black, White, and Silver Golf cart wheels, 10x8 are available in white, silver or flat black with -2 offset.  4 golf cart wheels -- $138.99
Offset 10" Camouflage Golf Cart Wheel Only Golf Cart Rims - 10" Camouflage Steel
10x8 rims with a 3 + 5 offset   4 for $239.99 delivered
Golf Cart Rims - 10" Chrome Modular Offset or Centered 
Good for slow speed tires up to 11" wide.
Chrome Modular Golf Cart Wheel

10" Chrome Modular Centered Golf Cart Wheels.
4 wheels -- $179.99

Chrome Modular Golf Cart Wheel 10" Chrome Modular Offset Golf Cart Wheels.
4 wheels -- $179.99
Golf Cart wheel Accessories
Chrome Lug Nuts, Center Caps And Valve Stems For A Golf Cart
Golf Cart Chrome Center Caps (4),
American or Metric Lug Nuts (16), Valve Stems (4)  $30.99
Golf Cart Black Lug Nuts, Center Caps And Valve Stems
Golf Cart Black Center Caps (4),
American Black Lug Nuts (16), Valve Stems (4)  $30.99
Black lug nuts fit a Club Car & EZ GO, not a Yamaha.
 Golf Cart Wheel Accessoris In Black And Chrome
Black center caps(4), lug nuts (16) & chrome valve stems (4) to fit an
 Ez Go or Club Car golf cart.  Picture
Our black lug nuts will not fit a Yamaha.   $30.99
Steel powder coated & chrome 10" golf cart rims on this page

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